School Uniform

All pupils at St. Aidan's are expected to wear the school uniform. Our uniform has been chosen so it is affordable to our St. Aidan's families and is easy to obtain. Parents can choose whether to buy our school uniform with our badge on it or plain uniform. The choice is yours.

We want our children to look smart in their school uniform. This really reflects the aims of our school and gives everyone a sense of belonging.  Children are not expected to wear any form of make-up in school, for example painted fingernails, false or gel nails, fake tan or eye make-up. It is advisable that long hair is tied back to help prevent the spread of headlice. Extreme hairstyles (e.g. shaving lines, spikes, gel, dye) are discouraged. We find that a neat, tidy appearance helps to create a good work ethic.

Main Uniform:


  • Maroon jumper (with or without school badge)
  • Pale blue polo shirt (with or without the school badge)
  • Grey trousers
  • Black smart school shoes or plain black trainers

In summer boys can wear grey shorts


  • Maroon jumper or cardigan (with or without the school badge)
  • Pale blue polo shirt (with or without the school badge)
  • Grey skirt, pinafore dress or trousers
  • Black smart school shoes or plain black trainers

In summer girls can wear a white and blue gingham summer dress


We do allow pupils to wear all black trainers - no coloured swooshes/stripes etc. with all black soles.

Black shoes are also still acceptable and preferred for school.

As we are allowing children to wear all black trainers please do not send children to school in any other coloured trainers or shoes.

PE Kit

  • Plain navy blue or black shorts
  • White PE T-shirt
  • Pumps or trainers for outdoor PE

In winter plain black tracksuit bottoms or leggings may be worn

Our jumpers, cardigans and polo shirts with the school logo can all be purchased at:

Whittakers Schoolwear,

Waterloo Pavilions
20 – 26 Church Street

Our plain uniform is available to buy at affordable prices in our local supermarkets. We also have wonderful local charity shops, such as Rummage Rescuers, where St. Aidan's pre-loved uniform can be bought.

Each child, when they start in Reception, are given a bookbag (free of charge) with our school logo on. Bookbags are also available to buy at our school office.


As a result of a number of incidents involving jewellery in school, the Governors have decided that in the interest of the children’s safety, no jewellery should be worn in school, other than a watch and ear studs. No ear studs are allowed during PE.  They must be removed or, if within 6 weeks of piercing, covered by the child.

Please clearly label all coats, jumpers and other items of clothing with the child’s name. The school cannot be held responsible for missing items of clothing that are un-named.

Main School Uniform

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