The closing date for school Admissions for each September is the 15th January the same year. Applications received after this date will be classed as ‘Late’ and will be considered after all other applications and placed on a waiting list in the over subscription criteria order.

Applications for admission to the school for should be made on-line at:

Parents must complete the Local Authority form, stating three preferences. Parents who wish their application to this Church school to be considered against the faith criteria should also complete the supplementary form. If the school is oversubscribed, a failure to complete the supplementary form may result in your application for a place in this school being considered against lower priority criteria as the Governing Body will have no information upon which to assess the worship attendance.

Dates and deadlines for School Appeals Main Intake 2024. 

 Appeal type

Date of Hearings

Deadline for paperwork to be sent to the  school appeals team

On time appeals 24th – 28th June 2024    23rd May 2024
Late Appeals* 8th – 12th July 2024   7th June 2024

Mop ups (If presenter is        available)

5th – 9th August 2024 5th July 2024









*We will however try to schedule appeals sooner, if possible.

The appeal hearings will be held remotely and via MS Teams.


Please click in the link below to see further information on primary school appeals:

Please see below our available Policy Documents for download.

Admissions Documents

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