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On 1st January, 2015 St. Aidan’s successfully converted to academy status and is now part of the Cidari Multi Academy Trust, set up by The Diocese of Blackburn.

Cidari Multi Academy Trust (education) was established in November 2013. Open to both converter and sponsored academies, Cidari includes a mix of Voluntary Aided and Voluntary Controlled primary and secondary schools. 

Cidari's aims are to ensure:

  • High academic standards and improve school performance
  • Raised community aspirations
  • An inclusive and welcoming environment for those of all faiths or of none
  • An open Christian ethos within whose values all can achieve their full potential
  • Inspirational teaching 
  • A self-sustaining, learning community that shares best practice
  • A love of learning in all members of the Cidari family

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St. Aidan's is a busy and friendly school, with lots going on.  This website aims to give you a flavour of the school, as well as providing up to date information for parents, pupils and the wider community.

We have the highest academic aspirations and, at the same time, maintains a caring, family orientated culture, with a high level of pastoral care.  We are a school that encourages and celebrates a love of learning, where each pupil is known and cared about as an individual.  We have created not only a school but a community of pupils, parents and teachers brought together by their shared dedication and relentless commitment to doing whatever it takes to ensure every child reaches his or her full potential.

Our school is a calm, purposeful environment that embraces all learners.  We have the highest expectations for each and every member of our school community.  Our teachers and support staff are dedicated, high performing professionals who go the extra mile in order to make a difference to our pupils’ lives.

Our curriculum is rich, innovative and varied.  It seeks to provide our pupils with opportunities to see life outside their immediate environs and to give them life-changing opportunities.  Our approach is to teach a skills and knowledge based ‘theme curriculum’ as we believe in challenging and developing our pupils’ ability to think independently, enabling them to transfer their learning to all aspects of their life; thus preparing them for the future.  Reading, writing and maths are seeded throughout the curriculum work. Learning is purposeful.

Cidari Statutory Information

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School Financial Information

We are asked to publish on our school's website whether any member of staff receives a salary of £100K or receive increments of £10K. This is to confirm no member of staff is paid this figure.

Schools Benchmarking Tool

The Schools Financial Benchmarking Tool helps schools compare their finances with similar schools and make comparisons between income, balances and workforce structures.

Why benchmark?

Benchmarking helps schools to:

  • make better-informed decisions and triggers further discussion
  • facilitate peer learning and exchange of ideas between schools and academies
  • compare spending with other similar schools or academy trusts
  • consider how to use resources to support high-quality teaching and education outcomes for pupils
  • consider whether resource allocations are working or whether outcomes could be improved by doing things differently

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