What is Children’s University™?

Children’s University™ is a national organisation, offering children aged 7-14 years (and 5 to 6 year olds with their families) an exciting and innovative programme of high quality learning opportunities outside normal school hours. It focuses on rewarding participation, raising aspirations and encouraging engagement with learning.

About Blackburn Children’s University™

Blackburn Children’s University has been running since 2009 and works with 6 primary schools, including St. Aidan’s. 

The Children’s University Programme

Within the philosophy of Children’s University there are 3 basic under-pinning beliefs:

Learning is a lifelong process
All children want to learn
All parents want their children to succeed

Children will be able to record their time spent taking part in accredited CU Learning Activities. These activities can be in the form of: –

School Clubs, events and activities which take place before and after school as well as lunch time.

Participation in organised clubs and activities outside of school, such as Scouts, Brownies, Martial Arts, Football Training etc. If your child attends any local clubs please ask the club to contact Sara Burton on [email protected] to register with Blackburn Children’s University.

Visit with family and friends to accredited places of interest, for example Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery.  Accredited venues are located across the country, and a list of these venues can be found on the CU website.

Children’s University offers National Awards for children who have achieved a certain number of hours. The first three certificates are for: –

30 hours – Bronze Award

65 hours – Silver Award

100 hours – Gold Award

All children who have achieved a National Award will receive it in July either at School or at another CU Venue. Certificates go all the way up to a Gold Fellowship Award for 1,000 hours.

To obtain credits towards Children’s University certificates and awards, regular attendance is IMPORTANT. Each child is responsible for looking after their passport because it records how many hours they have completed for Children’s University.

At the end of each half term children will be given the opportunity to have their passport signed for the number of hours they have completed for attending an after school or lunch time club.

Please look out for the Children’s University logo for other activities that will be put on throughout the year.

If you do have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask your child’s teacher or contact Sara Burton directly on 07805929965 or email [email protected]

Children's University

Sara Casey

Sara Casey

Blackburn Children's University™ Manager


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