On Tuesday Year 6 met the author of No More Knives at Mill Hill Library.

Christina shared with us her story from her new book which we were all given a signed copy of!

In the afternoon the class visited The Knife Angel which included discussions surrounding knife crime, the impact it has on people and society and the shocking nature of just how many lives have been impacted on the sculpture alone. The children also looked at the emotive nature of the sculpture, and how the design made us feel, what impact this had, and whether we thought this was the intention of the sculpture. 

A single story behind every knife but hopefully its presence will change the future! 

The National Monument against Violence and Aggression - Knife Angel

Year 6 ended the day with a tour of the Cathedral during this visit we lit a candle and said a prayer for all the victims and families of those affected by knife crime. It really was a thought provoking day. All the children were on their best behaviour.