Science Intent

At St Aidan’s Primary Academy, we hope our children will develop their scientific knowledge through carefully planned exciting Science opportunities.  We aim to support children to develop an understanding of the process and methods of Science by providing a range of scientific enquiries, investigations and questions to help them explore the world around them.  We hope to develop and nurture our children’s curiosity by not only following the National Curriculum, but following their questions and interests to hopefully develop a love, passion and appreciation for Science.

For Key Stage One, the focus is to enable pupils to experience and observe the world around them.  Following on from their time in Early Years Foundation Stage children need time to deepen prior learning and engage in first hand experiences and begin to use simple scientific language.  During their time in Lower Key Stage Two, the emphasis is all around children having opportunities to broaden their scientific view of the world around them.  Children are still encouraged to talk, test and make links.  During their time in Lower Key Stage Two children are encouraged to speak about their findings and later write about what they have found.  Finally, in Upper Key Stage Two, the principal focus is to allow children the time to deepen and develop their understating of a range of scientific ideas.

Our intention throughout school is to develop their understanding of scientific ideas by using different types of scientific enquiry to answer their own questions, including observing changes over a period of time, noticing patterns, grouping and classifying things, carrying out simple comparative tests, and finding things out using secondary sources of information. During their time at St Aidan’s, we aim to equip children with the knowledge required to use and implement Science today, tomorrow and for their futures.


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