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Miss Hunt

Miss Hunt


In the realm of History, our minds are enlightened through the exploration of historical inquiry, and we wholeheartedly embrace diversity within the various aspects of this subject. We strive for excellence in every lesson, nurturing talents through a wide range of engaging activities. As we delve into the rich tapestry of different historic cultures, we foster an atmosphere of respect and understanding.

Our History Curriculum - 

  • The foundation of our curriculum lies in following the National Curriculum.
  • Our pupils' needs have been taken into account, resulting in a personalised learning experience that is relevant and meaningful to their lives.
  • The curriculum progresses in a structured manner, enhancing abilities and understanding as our pupils move through different educational levels.
  • The high quality teaching of a wide range of vocabulary at the start of each lesson guarantees that knowledge is effectively retained.
  • Short activities at the start of every lesson guarantee that chronology is integrated.

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Key Stage 1

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Key Stage 2

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Roman Empire


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