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We offer a broad and creative curriculum, where all areas of learning are as important as each other. We place great value on providing the skills, knowledge and understanding to ensure all children succeed and have a love of learning. 


Spellings will be sent home on a Friday to be learnt ready for the spelling test the following week. Please also listen to your child read their reading book and book they know each week. 


Reading books: Your child will bring one decodable book home every Thursday. This will be the book they have worked on in their Reading Practice Sessions at school that week. It is an expectation that your child reads to you twice before returning the books for changing on Monday. Please can you sign their reading diary to confirm this.

Books We Know: Your child will bring home a book they know each week. They will have read these books at school so sit back and enjoy them telling you a story. It will be their responsibility to look after it and they must remember to bring it to school each Friday in order to exchange it for a new book.


We have PE every Monday. Please ensure children have PE kits in school and any earrings are removed or plasters need to be provided for the children to cover them with.




All children should wear full uniform including their ALWAYS badges.

We do allow pupils to wear all black trainers - no coloured swooshes/stripes etc. with all black soles.

Black shoes are also still acceptable and preferred for school.

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

DT Week

Spring 1

Spring 2


After reading the book ‘The mega magic hair swap”. We used different materials to create hair styles that we would like.


This week is Science week. This afternoon we took part in a paper aeroplane experiment. We made different paper aeroplanes and measured the distance that they travelled. The children had so much fun!


We continued with our experiments for science week. 

Ask your child how we created rainbow paper today.

Summer 1

Summer 2


Yesterday we had a visit from Daniel the firefighter. He told us all the ways the fire service help us and taught us how to stay safe in a fire. Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service offer a FREE fire safety check and will provide and fit smoke alarms if needed. or call 0800 169 1125


Remote Learning

We have outlined our remote learning procedures during the covid pandemic on this page, following the guidelines set by the government. If there is a need to switch back to remote learning in the future, we will adhere to our Remote Learning policy. We will make sure to review and update it according to the current situation and the lessons we have learned from the previous period of school closure. Rest assured, we will communicate these changes clearly to parents.

Remote Learning Policy

Remote Learning Statement

Have a look at our knowledge mats to see what we are learning this term

Year 2 Autumn 1 - Knowledge mats

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Wow what a fantastic first day in Year 2! We have done lots of super learning and it has been a pleasure getting to know your children. 

Miss Brindle, Mrs Brownlie and Mrs Wood


Our topic this term in history is the local history of Mill Hill.

Yesterday we went on a local walk on Norfolk Street to find out the history of our school. The children were amazed at the differences over 100 years ago.

Ask your children what they learnt.


We started our maths lesson singing and dancing to our maths song of the week. Play this song to your children to help them with their maths learning at home.

We did mastering maths to work out all the different ways we can make 6 using tens frames and counters.

Wow what a fantastic first gymnastics lesson with Blackburn Rovers. The children loved climbing, balancing and some even said they are proud of facing their fear of heights.


Today we went on a very wet walk to Mill Hill train station as part of our History topic to look at the similarities and differences from the past to the present. Despite the weather the children had so much fun. 

There is also a photo of how Mill Hill train station looked like in the past.


This week in gymnastics we focused on balancing shapes on the floor, balancing across apparatus and performed jumping shapes, 

Ivan is Blackburn Rovers star of the week for making super progress in gymnastics since Year 1 and being resilient. We are so proud of you, well done Ivan!


We love gymnastics on a Thursday with Georgina from Blackburn Rovers. Today we practised our teddy bear rolls, log rolls, tuck rolls and forward rolls. 

Ethan is Blackburn Rovers star of the week for improved gymnastics and super listening, well done Ethan!


Our DT week in action so far, our topic this Autumn term is Wheeled vehicles. 

We have investigated the different vehicles by taking part in a road survey and researched the different parts and purposes of vehicles. 


 Have a look at our knowledge mats to see what we are learning this term

Year 2 Autumn 2 - Knowledge mats

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Our class novel in English this term is ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’. Last week we researched about foxes we looked at different websites to find out facts to create our own fox fact file. 

Ask your children at home what they learnt about foxes.


No Pens Day

In maths the children worked in teams to cut and sort shapes correctly. 

In Art we learnt about the work of Anthony Frost and then used ICT to respond to his art work.


Yesterday in our science lesson we looked at the importance of hand washing. We took part in an experiment to watch the germs disperse when we apply soap. 

Try this fun experiment at home with your children

Have a look at our knowledge mats to see what we are learning this term

Year 2 Spring 1 - Knowledge mats

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Science investigation

Our topic this term is materials.

We predicted what material would fill the hole in the pot the best. We used different types of materials and researched the properties, 

We found that Blu tack worked the best, what super investigators you are Year 2.

Have a look at our knowledge mats to see what we are learning this term

Year 2 Spring 2 - Knowledge mats

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Have a look at our knowledge mats to see what we are learning this term

Year 2 Summer 1 - Knowledge mats

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Have a look at our knowledge mats to see what we are learning this term

Year 2 Summer 2 - Knowledge mats

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